long time no see…

its been 2 years since i last blogged… but here i am again where life exists.. life is something which you can’t explain..well some of you may do but it may or may not be accurate.. thats why don’t try to EXPLAIN it but LIVE it!!


Sometimes life throws at you so much of shit and you get so used to it that when it throws even more shit at you….it doesnt impact you at all…..

Hey Friends! :)

I dont know why i made this blog or why i kept the name as ‘where life exists’ but now that i have done that i ll share my thoughts about life…..                                     Life…as they say is between birth to death and its our choice to make it or break it……                                                                                                                             So live and let live 🙂 (although there are times when we all feel hopeless and worthless)